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Best wishes from the ANISEED Team

The ANISEED team wishes you a happy new year!

This is a great occasion to remind you the last advancement of the system:

  • The ANISEED update paper is now online on database issue of Nucleic Acids. Access to the article here

  • A new section describing the species covered.

  • A brand new genome browser, the WashU epigenome browser.

  • A novel synteny browser, Genomicus, a rich resource to explore the conservation of gene order within tunicates and with vertebrates.

  • Three new functional genome annotations: Molgula oculata, Halocynthia aurantium and Phallusia fumigata.

  • A novel orthology pipeline (which will keep improving over the next couple of months), and interactive phylogenetic trees for a majority of tunicate genes.

  • A novel RNA-seq section in the expression tab of each Ciona robusta, Phallusia mammillata and Halocynthia roretzi gene.

  • A novel SELEX-seq tab for 140 ciona robusta transcription factors and around 80 Phallusia orthologs.

  • You will also find a public hub on the WashU epigenome browser showing you predicted local TF binding affinity across the Ciona robusta and Phallusia mammillata genomes.

  • An extended download section

  • Many new articles curated by Delphine and her team, with the help of community members.

  • You can now follow ANISEED on Twitter and Facebook

To come up :

  • We will implement a “release" philosophy: Each release of the database will be stable for 6 months, before being archived and replaced by a new release.

  • The "3D virtual embryo" will soon be back, only much, much more powerful and simple to use than the first one!

We hope you will like the new Aniseed, and remember: a small donation is most welcome to keep us going.

We wish you all the best for 2018


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